Spatial 3D Genomics

Opening up a new frontier in 3D genome analyses for discovery

Visualize genome-wide 3D chromatin architecture in individual cells

…in a time and cost effective way


Highly multiplexed, simultaneous visualization of 3D chromosome conformation in situ.

The power of OligoFISSEQ technology makes it practical and accessible.

Acuity opens up a new realm of
high-resolution 3D genomic analysis

See nanoscale chromosomal substructure and topology — in situ, in 3D

…with OligoFISSEQ HD technology that enables accelerated imaging and analysis of super-resolved detail

Acuity's OligoFISSEQ HD accelerated super-resolution technology allows the possibility to elucidate chromatin architecture, such as TADs and loops or enhancer-promoter complexes, and reveal their 3D topologies and conformation.

In situ visualization of 3D chromatin architecture in single cells

…with the high multiplex power for discovery of
genomic organization profiles relating to cell type,
state, pathogenesis, and function

3D Genomic Profiles of Individual Cells

Gain deeper understanding of 3D chromatin folding for critical insight of transcription regulatory programs that drive cell type, state, pathogenesis, and function.

Acuity's transformative 3D imaging-based solutions can enable researchers to reveal key linkages of genomic organization and chromosomal topology to disease etiology and cell states.

The ability to include the genome in spatial biology analyses is now possible

Complete the picture in correlating spatial biology profiles with 3D genome information.

Spatial 3D genomics realized
for advancing human health

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